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What You Need to Know About Cold Sparks as a DJ, Wedding Couple, and Venue In Indiana.

Cold Sparks are a form of pyrotechnics that offer stunning visual effects, but they require proper understanding and precautions. While they can be turned off, they should not be confused with being entirely safe. It is important to know that they are composed of flammable materials and can cause fires if mishandled. Adequate safety measures, such as using Class D fire extinguishers and notifying local fire departments, should be in place when using cold spark machines. Insurance coverage specific to pyrotechnics is also recommended, as general liability insurance may not provide adequate protection. Care should be taken to clean up the residue left behind by the burnt metal powder to prevent damage to flooring and potential slip hazards.


Cold Sparks are a captivating addition to any event, offering impressive visual effects that are ideal for creating memorable moments. However, it is essential to understand the nature of these pyrotechnics and take necessary precautions. This article aims to provide valuable insights for DJs, wedding couples, and venues regarding the safe use of cold sparks.

Understanding Cold Sparks:

Cold Sparks distinguish themselves from traditional pyrotechnics by their ability to be turned off. Unlike more cost-effective options such as gerbs, which continue until their fuel source is depleted, cold sparks offer the advantage of controllability. This feature allows for in-the-moment effects that are visually stunning and perfect for capturing breathtaking videos and photos.

Safety Considerations:

It is crucial to remember that, despite the term “cold” and the notion of safety associated with it, cold sparks can still be dangerous if used incorrectly, much like fireworks. There are minimal requirements for purchasing and using cold sparks, and their use should not be taken lightly. DJs and production companies may offer cold sparks as part of their services, but they may not fully comprehend the potential risks involved. Following the advice of Dr. Jim, a chemistry professor, it is best to avoid labeling anything as “safe” and leave such assessments to professionals in the field. Titanium, a flammable metal, is often used in the composition of the fuel or media for cold sparks. Titanium burns at high temperatures, and its flammability should be respected.

Proper Handling and Extinguishing Fires:

In the event that cold spark machines catch fire, it is crucial not to attempt to extinguish the flames with water or any liquid. Doing so can cause the metal powder fuel to explode violently. Standard fire extinguishers are not suitable for putting out such fires. It is essential to have Class D fire extinguishers, specifically designed for metal fires, available. Each cold spark unit should have a dedicated Class D fire extinguisher nearby. It is important to note that obtaining these specialized fire extinguishers can be costly. Link to purchase a Class D 

Fire Hazards and Precautions:

Improper use of cold sparks can result in fires. Videos depicting catastrophes caused by the incorrect use of cold spark machines can be found online. Awareness of the risks associated with these pyrotechnics is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Licensing and Permits:

As of May 1st, 2023, there are no specific permits or licenses required at the state level in Indiana for using cold spark machines indoors. However, local codes and ordinances may impose additional restrictions or necessitate approval from local authorities, such as fire chiefs or marshals. It is advisable to contact the local fire department at least 24 hours in advance to notify them of the intent to use cold sparks indoors. By contacting the local Fire Department where you are going to use cold spark machines in indiana you will be  making sure that you are in compliance with special permits or certificates, or training is needed. For example the City of Fort Wayne Indaina does require a permit. and there are other cities that require permits as well.  They may have further questions or require a demonstration. In some cases, having a member of the fire department present during the use of cold sparks might be mandatory, and reimbursement for their presence may be necessary.

Fire Alarms and Cold Spark Machines:

Manufacturers claim that cold spark machines are flameless and smokeless, suggesting they will not trigger fire alarms. However, to be certain, it is best to coordinate with the local fire department and ensure that fire alarms are either turned off or monitored during the operation of the effect. Collaboration with fire officials is crucial to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Insurance Coverage:

General business liability insurance typically does not cover the use of cold sparks. Unless specific pyrotechnic insurance is in place, it is extremely unlikely that standard business insurance policies for DJs, production companies, or photographers will provide adequate coverage. It is essential to ensure that insurance policies specifically include coverage for pyrotechnics.

You can rest assured that Lights Out Enertainment has Pyro Insurance.  We make sure to protect our clients with the proper training, permits when appliacable, and insurance.

Make sure your vendor has Pryo Insurance, make sure to check their certificates and verify.  This insurance is extremely expensive in general, and many wedding and event vendors don’t have it or even know they need it.

Clean-Up and Residue:

Cold spark machines generate residue in the form of spent powder mixtures. It is crucial to consider nearby surroundings, floor plans, and decor before activating the machines. Open food containers and presentations in proximity to cold spark machines may become covered in a fine dust of titanium powder. If the venue has carpeting, it is advisable to bring a small vacuum cleaner to clean up the residue. For concrete or hardwood flooring, it is essential to sweep up the dust promptly to prevent damage or potential slip hazards.


Using cold sparks does enhance the visual impact of events, but it requires proper understanding, precautions, and adherence to safety guidelines. Adequate preparations, including obtaining Class D fire extinguishers, notifying local fire departments, securing proper insurance coverage, and implementing effective clean-up procedures, are necessary to ensure a safe and successful event. By considering these key factors, DJs, wedding couples, and venues can enjoy the mesmerizing effects of cold sparks while prioritizing the safety of everyone involved.


None of the above should be considered legal advice, or a complete safety guide. The intent of this article, was to be informative to be best of our current knowledge. Such Knowledge might be innacurrate, incomplete, or outdated. Please check with local and state authorities on this.


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