Commonly Asked Questions

Will I know who my DJ is before I book Lights Out Entertainment?

Yes, It is very important to us that your Disk Jockey / Master of Ceremonies is a the best fit for your wedding day.   We have always paired our clients with the best team member for them. You will know who your DJ is before you book Lights Out Entertainment.

Does Lights Out Entertainment need to rely on WiFi or Streaming music services?

No, your wedding or event is far to important to us to rely on the Internet or a streaming service.  

Infact, we purchase all of our music and have it on our devices at your wedding or event.  We even have back up copies.

Since Lights Out Entertainment services the entire state of Indiana we just can’t risk relying on sketchy cellular or other 3rd party internet connections for your event.  Your deserve better than that!

Can I request certain songs to not be played at my wedding?

Absolutely, we have a do not play list you can add songs that you just don’t want to hear at your wedding! 

If you really dislike  a certain song: Awesome we won’t play it. We will even do you a solid, if one of your guests asks for a song on your do not play list. We will tell them we don’t have that song.  That way Uncle Larry won’t come and pester you about it. 

Can I request songs for my DJ to work into my wedding?


Infact we encourage your input. We want to know your favorite artists and songs. 

We also want to know about the song that you might have danced with your dad on Sunday mornings in the kitchen to. All because it was tradition to make Sunday breakfast as a whole family growing up.

I might need a little guidance, can you help with suggestions?

Absolutely, we can help with some suggestions.  We will talk about certain events you want to have happen, and even make a timeline with you.

As far as music help goes,  you are in the right place. Music and showing people a great time is how Lights Out Entertainment came to existance!

Does Lights Out Entertainment have insurance?

Yes! Lights Out Entertainment has Liablity Insurance. 

We take what we do very seriously. Protecting our clients by having liablity insurance is one of the small details we take very seriously. 

We will be happy to provide a copy of our current insurance policy  to your venue. Just ask!

Does Lights Out Entertainment have clean edits?

Yes,  we naturally default to clean edits.  We much rather play it safe and not offend grandma or grandpa.  We keep it family friendly, unless we are told otherwise by you!

Please let us know in advance if you would perfer the dirty versions of songs, as we most likely will need to procure them.

Will Ligthts Out Entertainment have a huge banner or any other completely tacky advertisement at my wedding?

Absolutely not.  That is super tacky.  Your family and guests will have so much fun at your wedding that they will want to know who you hired.

At that point don’t keep us a secret, let proudly know you hired Lights Out Entertainment and encourage them to hire us if they can!

What does your set up look like?

Lights Out Entertainment and our DJs use top of the line sound equipment. 

Our set ups are always photo ready once we are fully staged and in place.

Does Lights Out Entertainment travel?

Yes, we will gladly travel beyond Indiana.

Travel and lodging fees may apply.