Must Play Dance Songs for 2023

One of our DJs has put together this list of song suggestions for their 2023 couples to consider adding to their wedding play lists.


Some of our top dance songs picks for 2023


1 – 15

1. About Damn Time – Lizzo

Who doesn’t love Lizzo?  With those funky beats and a message that just vibes so well!

2. I’m Good (Blue) – Bebe Rexha & David Guetta

I just have a feeling this song will continue to be a song that bridges two different decades together. With a strong sampling of a classic song titled Blue – Eiffel 65 we can’t help but think this song will carry into 2023 well.

3. Cuff It – Beyonce

Beyonce is still producing the jams that packs dance floors, this being one a complete dance floor filler in December. DJ Mikey thinks this song will carry well deep into 2023.

4. Scream & Shout – Brittany Spears &

While this song did come out in 2013 it is one of those throw backs that we are sure will re emerge with force in 2023.

5. Like A G6 – Far East Movement

Once the drinks start flowing this is another fun and silly throwback that should bring warm memories of a not so distant past. Most likely you acting a fool on the dance floor to this bop.  Go ahead and show us your fly dance moves!

6. I love it – Icona Pop

I love it is probably one of those theme songs that you can not only help but dance to, you can scream out the words.  We suggest the radio edit for your wedding, but since we adults here here is the unedited version.

7. Never Gonna Not Dance Again – Pink!

Those funky disco beats are a growing trend. What do you think? Dance floor filler for 2023 or a complete dud? Pink! Reminds us every few years how amazing her music truly is. Check out some of the remixes available online!

8. WEEKEND – Betty Who

Betty Who is an under rated artist who just happens to have so many high energy songs that are 100% dance floor ready.  While we are hoping you are dancing the night away this weekend, we encourage you to check out this amazing artist.  It is completely possible this song emerges in 2023 as a Summer anthems! We hope it does! We like it like that.

9. Players – Coi Leray

This song has that early 80s feel with modern lyrics. This song has sampled the 1982 throwback The Message – Grand Master Flash which was sampled in 1993 by Ice Cube in Check Yo Self (remix). This is one of those songs that easily jumps multi generations due to its warm feels.  Besides who doesn’t want to have a good night!

10. Break Free – Ariana Grande

This song came out about 8 years ago. But 2023 is the year to break free of all the 2020s and coming back stronger than every before!  With a fun solid beat, we can’t help but feel this song should be revisited this year.

11. Baby – Justin Bieber and Luda

It has been 12 glorious years since this song first dropped.  In 2022 we saw a song that even the guys would be belting out on the dance floor. We are sure some of those guys were afraid to admit when it was new that they were secretly screaming the words back then. Let’s face it Bieb’s has been pumping out jams for the longest time. Well We are sure this is one of those songs that will continue to fill many dance floors!

12. Dynamite – BTS

With over 1 billion views. This song depending on your crew is a no brainer to drop it in your list.

13. Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Taking it back to the 2000s this is one of those songs that might just live in your heart. It was one of those songs that had clean lyrics from the start. This song has those club vibes that would have you throwing your hands in the air and jumping up and down!

14. Animals – Martin Garrix

It is crazy how the last ten years have soared on by! This song is now one of those throw back jams. It disappeared for a while, but I am sure it will be welcomed warmly by dancers on the dance floor this year!

15. Golden Hour (Ruel Remix) – JVKE

Slowing it down for this song, we think this is a great song to change the pace to. For those who might want something a tad slower to make their way to the dance floor.