Corporate Events can be fun and exciting. Regardless of the nature of the event you are hosting you want to make an Impact, and leave Impressions that matter. 

That is where we come in. To assist with your Audio / Visual, Entertainment, and Public speaking needs, we have you covered. 

Regardless if you are just throwing a Employee Appreciation Gala, Employee Quarterly or Holiday party, Customer / Client Appreciation Event or an extravagant product launch and reveals, to opening a new facility. Your company event needs Lights Out Entertainment. 

Usually people will remember if they had fun at your event, or if they were Wowed. In Our fast paced world Social Media alone no longer cuts it like it used to. People are begging for a chance to interact with one another and have experiences they will remember.

Also, don’t forget that a Photobooth for your guests with your brand logo, leaves a lasting keep sake that Employees and Customers will keep possibly at their desks as work and at home. Causing your brand to have further reach and a lasting positive impact. 

Below are “Live Behind the Scenes video clips of Lights Out Entertainment Corporate Events (before facebook live offered High Quality video feed)”

All kinds of fun tonight, this was a video of a live feed as we were putting the final touches of the behind the scenes set up. Guests started to show up an hour earlier than the event was supposed to start! Anyway DJ JT and DJ Mikey tag teamed this event!

Posted by Lights Out Entertainment - Wedding DJs on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nothing like some mid week fun! Earlier we were live at the Indiana Convention Center. Corporate, Conventions, Expo's. We can have you covered!

Posted by Lights Out Entertainment - Wedding DJs on Wednesday, June 15, 2016