Overhead 360 Video Booth Captures ATTENTION 

Immersive Experience

When it comes to corporate events, Lights Out Entertainment knows creating a memorable and engaging experience for attendees is key. While traditional photo booths have become a popular addition to events, overhead 360 video booths take the experience to the next level. An overhead 360 booth provides a unique and immersive way for attendees to engage with a brand, product or service, making it a valuable addition to any corporate event.

Engaging ALL Audiences

One of the main benefits of an overhead 360 booth is that it provides an immersive and interactive experience for attendees. Unlike traditional photo booths, which are limited to capturing static images, an overhead 360 booth captures dynamic 360-degree video footage from above. This allows attendees to fully immerse themselves in the experience, creating a more engaging and memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Showcasing Brand or Product

Another benefit of an overhead 360 booth is its ability to showcase a product or service in a unique, and engaging way. For example, if a company is launching a new product, an overhead 360 booth can be used to capture footage of the product from all angles, providing attendees with an interactive and immersive way to learn about its features and benefits. Similarly, an overhead 360 booth can be used to showcase a service or experience, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s offering. Best of all it feels natural and not forced!

Stand Out From The Rest in Indianapolis!

An overhead 360 booth can also be used to generate buzz and excitement around an event. With the rise of social media and online sharing, attendees are more likely to share content from an event that is visually engaging and unique. By providing an overhead 360 booth, companies can create a visually stunning experience that attendees will want to share on social media, increasing the reach and exposure of the event.

Marketing Through Activation

Additionally, an overhead 360 booth can be used to collect valuable data and feedback from attendees. By incorporating interactive elements, such as surveys or quizzes, companies can use the booth as a way to collect insights and feedback from attendees. This can provide valuable insights into the attendees’ preferences and opinions, helping companies to improve their products or services in the future.


An overhead 360 booth is a valuable addition to any corporate event. With its ability to create an immersive and engaging experience, showcase products or services, generate buzz and excitement, and collect valuable data and feedback, it is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the event experience. Our overhead 360 booths here in Indianapolis, Indiana can be fully customized for your brand or event! 

So if you’re looking to take your corporate event to the next level, consider adding an overhead 360 booth to the lineup – it just might be the key to creating a memorable and engaging event that attendees will never forget.

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