Indiana’s DJs For Corporate Events

Fun and exciting, no matter what you are hosting, you want to make an impact and leave impressions that matter.

This is where we come in to assist with your audio/ visual, entertainment, and public speaking needs. We have you covered.

If you are throwing an Employee or Customer Appreciation Gala, Holiday Party, or a Product Launch, Let Lights Out Entertainment take you to the next level!

People are starving for interaction and unique and fascinating experiences. Give your clients or employees something to remember, leading to employee loyalty and increased productivity of your team!!!

orporate events can be fun and exciting. Regardless of the nature of the event you are hosting, you want to make an impact and leave impressions that matter. 



Also, don’t forget that a photo booth for your guests with your brand logo, will serve as a keep sake that employees and customers will enjoy, thus causing your brand to have further reach and a lasting positive impact. We have a few options to add a photo booth to your event. The first option is our Mirror Booth and the second is a more intimate enclosed booth. Both photobooths will give your company or brand the opportunity for High Touch Marketing. 

We can also capture data for you at our interactive photobooth, such as a quick survey, poll, or as simple as a name and phone number. The options are completely limitless and this can be a great way to add value to your trade show.  With lead time we can have props custom made for your event or trade show.

“Branding with meaning” will be the buzz marketing words of the future. -2017 Michael Nickolich Anyone in marketing knows that you can’t just have a cool trinket, it has to be something that someone is actually going to keep and enjoy.  Memories and experiences are what people are clinging on to.  A keep sake such as a physical picture with your company’s brand on the bottom is just the keep sake that will be kept for years.

Team Building Opportunities

It is no secret that happy families and employees = productivity and success at the office.  Regardless of what form the “office” takes, the bottom line improves when your employees know they can count on each other as a team.  A few options are Karaoke, Casino Night, Game Shows, Roast Your Boss.

Let one of our experts plan an escape for your staff, while boosting moral of your team.

Our Corporate offerings start at only 2000