All In The Details

A tale of what you do not see.
Couple Having Their First Dance At Black Iris Estate in Carmel Michael NIckolich DJing in Background


Caught In The Moment

By: Michael Nickolich 12/03/2020

Tari and Austin, pictured above at Black Iris in Carmel, are caught up in one of the many memorable moments of their wedding day. After all, they are sharing their first dance as husband and wife, a moment I am sure they will remember for the rest of their lives. This is a photo that Tari’s Mother shared when she left a review for me on Facebook. If you would like to read that review, click here.

What You Don’t See

They say that photographs can tell many stories: Today, these photos will tell us an account of what isn’t there.

What you don’t see is anything that brings additional attention to the DJ. You don’t see a tacky banner promoting Lights Out Entertainment. You will also notice some other things that might be missing, such as attention grabbing color-changing DJ booth. Perhaps or bulky, outdated light up people barriers are known as facade, or towering light up white totems to bring more attention to the DJ. All of these things will take attention away from Tari and Austin’s moment.

There isn’t a pile of backpacks, road cases, or bags to the side either.
You also don’t see messy cables all over the floor or see cables hanging down the front of the table or out of the DJ case. There are a couple of reasons for this two main ones are:

1. The safety of you and your guests.

2. Always Photo Ready.

Below is another photo of the main DJ set up for the Austin and Tari’s Reception. Disregard the cupcakes on the speaker as this photo was taken during the time vendors were putting all the behind the scenes magical touches hours before any guest arrive!

Final Thoughts

It is when all the other little details come together in unison that creates The perfect wedding day.

Just imagine if your DJ cares this much about the small details, what else they might care about…

Less Is More when it comes to wedding dj set ups

Tari and Austin’s dance floor was never empty. From a famly classic of Frank Sinatra to later in the evening getting crunk with lil’ Jon everyone danced the night away!