360 Photo Booth ? 

The 360 degree photo / video booth is an exciting, innovative way to capture special moments and have fun with friends and family. With its unique 360-degree motion of the camera, it allows you to take pictures from all angles, giving you a truly immersive and creative experience.

The 360 degree photo booth also offers a variety of fun options to customize your video. From fun filters to capturing props in movement, you can choose the perfect way to express yourself and make your videos fun. You could even add music and text to your videos in post, giving them an extra level of creativity and uniqueness.

The 360 degree photo booth also makes sharing videos and boomerangs with friends and family easy and fun. Photos can be instantly shared via text, email, or social media, allowing you to relive the moment with everyone you care about. You can save them to your device, making them a forever keepsake.

There Are Two Very Different Types of 360 Video Booth Rentals

There are two main types of 360 photo booths, a cumbersome, clumbsy platform based 360 booth, and our overhead 360 photo booth.  We used to have a platform based 360 booth, but we quickly realized it was not inclusive enough for the events we do. So we sold off our platform booth to a competitor and invested in an overhead 360 photo booth. Not only is an overhead 360 booth safer than a platform based 360 booth, it allows all guests to partake in the experience.  It also allows for more people to be able to use it at the same time!

Overall, the 360 degree photo booth is a great way to make memories and capture the moment. With its unique camera angles and customizable options, it’s a fun and interactive way to experience a special occasion or event. You can create one-of-a-kind videos that you can share with friends and family or on social media.  Don’t be surprised if these booths are called 360 video booths in the future, because that is what they are.

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