Did you know the national average in 2017 in the United States for spent on a Professional Wedding DJ is 1500.00? An average price for an average service. What if you want an above average DJ who will go the extra mile and then some?


In 2016 in Indiana there were an estimated total of 45,811 weddings* with the average cost of a wedding being around $22,000*.
Couples spent an average of $1,100 for dj services.  So what does this mean? It means that these are just averages. To understand the numbers, you have to take into consideration that there were many couples who spent substantially more than 22k on their wedding in Indiana, as well as quite a few who spent less on their wedding. *source The Wedding Report

So why so much for a DJ? After all they just push buttons and play music right?  WRONG

A  true Professional DJ is much more than “Just the DJ” at weddings or events for that matter.

What is the difference between a DJ and the price they charge?

This is tricky, as these guidelines below are not always the case for each and every DJ or Dj company out there.

Low Cost (less than 700.00)

Usually someone starting out, they typically lack experience DJing or MCing weddings.

They usually will not have current state of the art equipment, and may lack proper training on the equipment they own

Your event is a “side gig”  or “side hustle” to most of these “DJs” , meaning their “Day Job” will most likely take priority over your event.

*Most of the horror stories of DJs not showing up, cancelling, or showing up intoxicated are from DJs who charge less than $700.00.

Average Cost (between 1,000 and 1500)

DJs in this zone are average run of the mill Djs. They may offer everything you need, or they may not. 

Be sure to ask them what their contingency and back up plans are?  

Be cautious of entertainers in this zone that have a weak social media presence, weak and lacking online presence, lack a website, still using gmail for an email.


This zone is increasingly becoming saturated with “side hustle DJs” so be sure to do your research.

Professional DJ Cost (between 1700 – 2999)

 DJs in this group are typically professional special event Djs. They should have their own offices, offer you a contract, have years of experience, will have a strong online presence with many reviews, will most likely be well known, and will have references available on demand.

They typically will have state of the art equipment of which they will be fully trained on how to use the equipment that they provide.  This may be your DJs full time profession.  If so, they are going to be more responsive, and flexible to your needs, as well as being dedicated to the success of your wedding day.

They are more likely to personalize and tailor your wedding around you.

This is where Lights Out Entertainments rates start at. 

High Cost ($3,000 or More)

DJ’s in this category are typically ” Celebrity” DJs.

They should have 15 or more years of experience, they will be well trained, have an office for you to meet them in, and will use state of the art equipment.

Somethings they will have in common: They will have an online web presence, they will have reviews, references, and should be well known by everyone in the Event Industry.

These DJs may offer novelty products and services, they should be super flexible, ultra responsive, and will typically travel anywhere.


A Professional Wedding DJ will have:

Love Project - Michael Nickolich

  • An office to meet at (So you don’t have to meet in a loud coffee bistro)
  • Business Insurance – To protect you and your guests
  • A music library that will be on site and they will not relying on streaming services
  • They will coordinate with all your wedding vendors
  • They will assist in planning (in person)
  • Online Wedding Planning Account
  • Modern State of the Art Equipment
  • Back up Equipment
  • Clean Presentation – Their Equipment will be set up safely and look presentable. (This means no tacky advert banners, cables  taped down, and will not have cords dangling or strewn everywhere)
  • A Website (Not just a facebook or other social media account)
  • A Legit Email address (Not an @AOL.com or @gmail.com)
  • A Contract that is easy to understand, and will collect a deposit