Our Very Own DJ Mikey recently proposed to Sara Claiborne.  He got down on one knee under a 200+ year old oak tree in their back yard.  While everyone has a special love story of their own. Their love story started in a very unique way.  One Sunday after Michael Nickolich had returned home from a wedding. He had a crazy idea before he went to bed. Could he sell himself on Facebook market place, and various garage sell sites.   So he decided to list himself for free. 


Sure enough his ad for love quickly gained local attention, and he was flooded with overwhelming support and encouragement.  Turns out you can not list yourself for sale on Facebook market place, as it violates the policies. However, You are allowed to give yourself away for free on garage sale groups on Facebook.


People where sending him messages of encouragement to the likes of “you will definitely find someone special”, “I am married, but your post made my week.”, “This is epic, I hope you find someone.”  


Yet, there were 100’s more messages asking him if he was interested in going on a date with them. Mothers where trying to fix their daughters up with him. Grandmother’ asking if he would be interested in taking their grand daughters, and of course single ladies and men made their inquiries as well. 


Michael decided to use this opportunity to see if he could fing true love.  He lined up dated numerous dates on days that he didn’t have a wedding or event.  He only had to go on 10 different dates before he found Sara. He knew something was very special about her.  He decided to cancel all his other dates  on the books to excursively see if the spark he felt for Sara would blossom into a passionate fire.  


Fast forward almost 2 years later and he got down on one knee and proposed to Sara.   She said Yes.


Local, National, and International News took interest.  Fox National News wrote an article that can be found here.   The New York Post, UK Daily Mail and WTHR all interviewed Sara and Michael.