Don’t Forget

 The Groom / Groomsmen

Emergency Bag or Basket

Far too often the Grooms and Groomsmen are overlooked it is always about the Bride.  So to help out we have created a must have list of 5 groups of things that every Groom should have for just in case.  You will thank us later!

1. First Aid Kit

Lets be honest accidents happen. Regardless if the groom is clumsy or if he is the leader of the scout troop, he will know he can quickly take care of a minor unfortunate issue if it arises. If no one ends up needing it. It can find a home in the trunk of a car or in your home.

2. General Hygine Items

Even if the Groom never forgets anything and is stellar at making sure he is ready to be presentable.  That doesn’t mean one of his comrades isn’t the exact opposite.  So we recommend the following liquid items be tucked in a ziplock type of bag.

1.  A couple toothbrushes

2. Toothpaste and mini bottles of mouthwash

3. Disposable Razor Blades

4. Eye Drops

5. Q-Tips

6. Travel sized Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Style Products.

7. Anti-perspirant

8. Ibuprofen and Aspirin (aspirin may save a life if someone is having a heart attack) Venues unlikely will have any pain relievers or hand them out due to liabity reasons.


3. Sewing Kit

Guys will be guys.  By saying that they tend to be rough on things like their attire.  Maybe it was a groomsman pulling a stunt for the photographer and he broke a seam in his trousers. Oh he merely needs to cut the tags off of his new shirt…  A small sewing kit will have him and his groomsmen covered.  Make sure your kit includes buttons, thread, needles, scissors, misc safety pins of various sizes.  Men will be resourceful in a moment of need!

4. Mobile Device Chargers

Someone is always bound to need to charge their phone. Even though He won’t be on his phone during the ceremony and probably won’t have it with him most of the celebration. In all the excitement the night before who is to say that the groom or one of his pals didn’t charge their phone the night before. (we encourage a multi usb cord with a rapid charger) Just because not everyone has the newest or the same phone.  

5. Miscellaneous But Important

  • ID
  • Cash
  • Credit Card / Debt Card
  • Checkbook
  • Lighter

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