Add On and Wedding Plan Options Explained:


Uplighting What is it?

Uplighting is an Industry term. It sometimes is referenced at Accent Lighting, Room Mood Lighting, or Architectural Lighting depending on who you talk too.

Uplighting transforms an awesome event venue into wow! It really sets the tone and mood in a distinguished, elegant way.  Uplighting is one of of most common requested add on options we offer.  Up to 20 Wireless Led Uplights are provided in our Refined Elegance, and Simply Everything Wedding Plans.

It is actually easier just to show you what it looks like.




Gobo’s are a another Event Industry term. Chances are if you don’t work in the special event industry or theatrical production industry it is a term you would not know. A gobo is a typically a steel or glass plate that has a specific image on it.  They require a special light source fixture that will enlarge the image on the gobo to be projected on a floor, wall, or ceiling.

You see Gobo’s and their projectors labeled as “Your Name In Lights” “Monogram Gobo” “Light Monogram” “Monogram” “Initials and Date on the Dance Floor” See photos below of different types of Gobos.




Animated Monogram

This is very similar to a Gobo, but it uses a much more advanced type of technology.  It would be easiest to just show you with a video. Some in the industry refer to them as “Moving Gobos” “Animated Gobos” “Moving Monograms” “Living Monograms” “Video Gobos” “Video Monograms”.  Animated Monograms are sure to add that extra special touch to your wedding! They are