Marion County Marriage Licenses During Covid - 19






Yes you can still get married during the Covid-19 Pandemic. However you can not go and get your license in person.

April 8,  2020

Marion County (Indianapolis) Clerk’s Office

Here is the scoop on marriage licenses during the shutdown:

They are taking virtual appointments to issue marriage licenses.

Couples can email to set up an appointment. They are the using Cisco WebEx app for appointments. They will be mailing the license and the application to the couple – it will take about a week.

They will then have to signed both with the officiant. BOTH will need to be returned after the marriage is complete. This is ONLY during the shutdown.

They will process and send you a completed Certificate of your Marriage after the stay at home orders are lifted. Meaning you will not have an official document of proof of marriage until after this crisis is over. It will reflect the date you were married.

We advise that you make a copy of your signed marriage license with your officants and witnesses signature prior to submitting.   As employeers may accept this license as a document proving marriage.  (Please note employers are not obligated to accept this as an official document.)

At this time, the only county not issuing licenses in Indiana is Lake County.

We will continue to share Wedding Information regarding Covid – 19 and Indiana Weddings as new developments happen.

Everyone at Lights Out Entertainment is looking forward to this moment in time passing. We will celebrate and party again soon.

This information was shared with us from our dear friend Victoria Meyer at Marry Me Indy and she can be found at