Weddings and Events During Covid – 19

It is true that regulations regarding events and weddings in Indiana and Indianapolis can be confusing. It seems the rules sometimes are changing on a daily basis. As of today August 3rd 2020 there appears to be no restrictions on wedding gatherings under 250 people in Indiana.

So moving forward the guidelines given to us in regards to weddings and special events are:

1. Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet when possible

2. Masks are encouraged when seperation of 6 feet is not possible

3. If you feel sick or have any of the symptoms of covid – 19 Stay home and do not attend a wedding or special event.

Additional measures you can take to protect you and your guests are:

1. It is encouraged that guests temps are taken at the door.

2. While not a guideline it might be helpful to have a guest regestry seperate from the guest book, where each guest leaves their phone number, their email address, and full name, along with their temp.  That way in the event that you or the venue needs to alert everyone of a possible exposure guests can be contacted quickly via all means of communiction.

What is Lights Out Entertainment doing moving forward?

A few things have changes in regards to the way we are doing business currently.  Our most valuable assets are our entertainers and the guests that we entertain. With that being said here is what we are doing to protect you and our staff.

1. We are providing Masks for our DJs

2. We are providing disposible Microphone covers to our DJs, and to any guest at your event that will be speaking, reading, or singing at your wedding. Infact they are not even obtrusive or an eye sore. See the photo above.

3.  We are showing up even earlier to set up to limit exposure to other non essential vendors that don’t have to be present while your event is transpiring.

4. We will be sterilizing applicable equipment in between events.

Or policies moving forward have also changed.

We are moving dates for couples that have been affected by Covid – 19 at no charge.  New contracts moving forward have certain limitations in regards to Covid – 19, those limitations are if the government has limited (made impossible) your ability to have or host your event we are moving your date at no charge to a future date.

If you wish to reschedule for any reason other than the government has made it currently impossible for you to have your wedding on your date. (meaning the event is not allowed to transpire) there will be a rescheduling fee, which will be clearly outlined in your contract.

Our retainer / booking fees have always been Non Refundable and they will continue be so.

Future Couples and Clients that want to book:

We are still booking weddings and events for later dates in 2020, 2021, and even 2022.

Our meeting formats have temporarily changed a little for the protection of you, your special someone, and our staff and their families. Temporarily we have suspended all in person meetings.
We are now relying heavily on phone, email, and video conferencing platforms to connect with you.

In the past we have always felt where possible it was critical and beneficial to meet in person when possible. While nothing replaces genuine in person meetings we have always had video conferencing options available for our couples, and it was our primary form meetings for those planning out of state.

Stay Healthy and Safe!


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