DJ Michael Nickolich Aka DJ Mikey Indy's Best Wedding DJ
Michael Nickolich aka DJ Mikey

A Short Bio

Hey there! DJ Mikey here. I started DJing at a bar when I wasn’t even old enough to go into a bar.  That was a number of years ago, fastforward today my focus is primarly weddings.  But make no mistake I am not your average Wedding DJ.

My roots were to ensure that people had crazy fun, an evening to remember.  I never lost that in all that I do. It is my job to ensure that the couple and the guests have a night they will cherish and remember.

No one really taught me how to Host weddings, It really started with the idea of how I would want my own wedding to be.  I would want something different. I wouldn’t want the cheese, I wouldn’t want dead air time in between songs,  I wouldn’t want the DJ to be the lime light stealing all of the attention. Over time I honed and polished my craft, to what it is today. The Perfect balance of being an event host and the DJ skills to read the room for the moment. So with that in mind I set out to start a new standard in Wedding Entertainment Excellence.  Needless to say we leave the Cheese to your caterer!

Each and every day I can’t believe that I get to do a job that I absolutely love, to represent couples and businesses to enhance their event to the next level. I could talk for hours, share numberous pictures and videos, but it would be much easier to show you in person.