JT Miner known often as DJ JT has a great stage presence which he may be able to attribute to his roll as a lead singer in a band that toured all over Indiana.  He promises to not steal an ounce of lime light from you and your partner. He has already had that spotlight, and he wants to put the spotlight on you and yours! JT has been entertaining crowds of people since 2003. 

His passion for music started in his teenage years in life, his fascination with artists and the artists that inspired them to create music gives him a deep mental database of music. Some of his favorite artists are Prince, Sam Cooke, George Michaels, Billy Joel, and Justin Timberlake.

He is well rooted in his community and was deeply involved with 4H, and even got to meet with the Governor at the time to be presented an award. His involvement in 4H and passion for nature lead him to study Forestry at Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana. 

JT’s married the love of his wife Lauren and together they have two children. A girl and a boy that keep them both very busy. JT is very dedicated to his family and loves to spend time with them as often as possible. Usually going on local adventures that can involve nature walks,the Children’s Museum, or any activity outdoors.  He is often telling his friends how much his life has changed since he married Lauren, and all of the wonderful things she has done to enrich his and his children’s lives. He sums up his marriage as “a consistent amazement and at times complete loss of words.”

Some of his favorite moments of a wedding are the first dance and grand introduction. JT really loves a couples first dance because it takes him when he first embraced his wife in dance, the grand introduction because of all the pomp and energy that comes in the moment.