Here is a fun idea for those who want a little extra fun on their wedding day.

Prank your partner when it comes time for the garter removal.

Materials needed:

1. Blindfold

2. Garter

3. Table cloth or dress

4. Chair

5. A Groomsman

The How-To:

1. Talk to the Best Man or one of the groomsmen and share this prank idea.

2. Talk one of the Gents into shaving their legs.

3. Sit in the chair across the room on the dance floor (Bride).

4. Have a Bridesmaid blindfold your Husband (Groom)

5. Have Groomsman take your place.

6. Groomsman is either in a dress or using a table cloth to mimic a dress.

7. Have DJ encourage the fun.

8. Once the garter has been removed, have Groom remove his blindfold.