Our Wedding DJ Pledge To You

We promise not to do any of those horrible cheesy things you may have seen other DJs do at some weddings. (unless you want us to)

⦿ We promise not to make any cheesy or unnecessary announcements at your wedding.

⦿ We promise not to play the “Chicken Dance” at your wedding. (Unless YOU like the Chicken Dance, if so, then let us know).

⦿ We won’t display any advertisement banners or logos (yep, that is cheesy to do).

⦿ We won’t surprise you by singing a karaoke version for your first dance, or any song for that matter.

⦿ We won’t play back to back YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, ….. Wobble, Cupid Shuffle hours on end of “line dances.”

⦿ We won’t steal an ounce of the limelight away from you.

⦿ We won’t force you to do any wedding tradition you do not want to do.

⦿ We promise that we will not tell dad jokes what so ever on the microphone.

If you like dad jokes, check out the video below.

Here are a few things we will do for you.

⦿ We will listen to you and learn what you want on your wedding day.

⦿ We will create the atmosphere that you have dreamed of.

⦿ We will also help create memories that will be cherished.

⦿ Provide a unique, personal, fun day that you will remember for a lifetime.