These are the top 10 Saturday Wedding Dates for 2019.

Is your wedding day one of them? In 2019 the most popular time of the year to get married is very late summer and early fall.

So if your wedding date is one of these days and you have not secured your venue, entertainment, and other wedding vendors yet… We highly suggest you lock in your date with your vendors now before another couple snatches up the best venues and wedding vendors.

1. 10/19/2019**
2. 10/26/2019
3. 10/05/2019
4. 9/07/2019
5. 10/12/2019
6. 11/2/2019
7. 9/28/2019
8. 06/08/2019
9. 9/14/2019
10. 9/21/2019

Just for fun here are the top 10 Friday Wedding Dates for 2019
1. 6/19/2019*
2. 10/18/2019
3. 4/19/2019*
4. 10/25/2019
5. 10/4/2019
6. 10/11/2019
7. 9/27/2019
8. 9/20/2019
9. 9/13/2019
10. 11/01/2019

This may mean good news for couples who are interested in getting married during the winter and early spring. Venues and vendors may offer some additional incentives and even slight discounts for winter and spring weddings in 2019.

We think this trend started a number of years ago, when vendors and venues were offering discounts for non peak times of year, which as caused a shift in the last 3 to 5 years turning the late summer and early fall into ultra peak wedding dates.

Though it could also be a few factors such as barn and outdoor tent weddings have been on the rise the last few years as well. The slightly cooler weather in early fall, may be a contributing factor for the rise in interest inĀ  October wedding dates.

Though Make no mistake in thinking that Dates between April through July are no longer prime dates. They still are. It is best to book your venue and vendors as quickly as possible.

*Due to the play on numbers Month /19/19

** Play on numbers as well as 10/20/2018 was the number one Saturday for 2018 this trend is continuing for 2019.