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DJ Michael Nickolich Aka DJ Mikey Indy's Best Wedding DJ
Michael Nickolich aka DJ Mikey

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How did you get into spinning tunes?

I was regularly singing Karaoke in my local bar in Windfall, IN, and got to know the KJ pretty well. He asked me if I wanted to learn how to run his equipment and fill in for him on nights he had a wedding scheduled, and I was hooked. When he told me how much more enjoyable private events like Weddings were, I decided to buy my equipment and go into business. My start was slow and rough, but I have learned a lot since thebeginning and have more fun now than ever.

What event have you worked on that stands out most to you?

I worked a Wedding in Camby, IN a few years ago that was so fun. Once we started dancing, the dance floor was never empty. Later the couple asked if I had Karaoke to add to the mix. I was able to add that option on the fly, and the party got started. Even the venue staff didn’t want the night to end.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Disk Jockey?

There are three days in a person’s life that are considered one of the “best days of their life.” Getting married, having a child, and buying a
house. I have a blast being a part of one of those days. I want to give my clients a great party to start their life together that will have their unmarried friends scratching their heads saying, “How are we going to top that?”

Do you use a playlist?

I like to have a least some idea of the music the couple wants. I
usually ask for a small playlist that, along with our consultation, gives me a picture of their party style.

Do You Travel?

The farthest I’ve traveled for an event was a wedding in Brunswick, Georgia so traveling to a neighboring state area is no biggie.

What is a unique thing you have had a bride and groom request?
It was a family wedding for my cousin, and they wanted a redneck
shotgun style wedding; the first and only time I’ve ever done a wedding dressed in camouflage.

How do you introduce the bridal party?

It depends on the couple. I’ve had some ask for basic introductions and
one asked for me to introduce the party in Michael Buffer style as if he
were introducing the Chicago Bulls.

Do you help pick out songs with the bride and groom?

I offer suggestions for the specialty dances but let them know the final
decisions are up to them. Once the specialty dances are done then the rest of the party is on me.